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~*~Company Visit ~*~ NTT docomo

NTT docomo

Another company we had a chance to visit was NTT docomo. At this company, when we first walked in, there was a special greeting welcoming us to the research and development center.  Then we proceeded to the conference room where we learned a little bit more about the company.  After the presentation, we headed to the video room and watched a short informational.  Then we headed off to the technology lab.  In the lab, it was very hands on and in the first exhibit two of my peers had a chance to test out some more AR Solutions by looking through some glasses, with a camera on them, onto a book and have a 3D image of a nearby park appear on the TV screen. A very interesting piece of technology that allows you to zoom in and out of a certain area.

Another exhibit we saw at NTT docomo is the exhibit where purchases that you made previously are recorded to let you know if you bought that item before.  It also helps you pick out clothing items for your chicken and for that special occasion.  We had a chance to play the video game Tekken. This brought back childhood memories of playing video games.   Then we all had a chance to  test out this cool ring.  When you stick your finger in your ear, the vibration allows you to hear sounds.  There was also this watch that controls functions such as opening locks and turning on lights with the rhythm to whatever you like.  Also, there was a piece of technology that you hold to your head as you plug your ears and it allows  you to hear sounds.  This company happened to be one of my favorite places to visit.  I enjoyed  testing out all of the new technology they presented.

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~*~Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum~*~

Hiroshima and the Peace Museum had to be one of the most historic places that I have visited.  Stepping foot in the peace museum and learning about how all the people were killed and affected after the atomic bomb dropped August 6, 1945,  made me feel sad that this happened.  It is also remarkable that the Japanese does not hold any grudge against the US after this tragic event.   I am hoping that this would not happen anywhere in the world again! In the museum, we had little head sets that you could use by typing in the number of the exhibit and you could hear the voice recording and explanation of the items pertained to it.  There were many exhibits and also a wax exhibit that showed the melting skin of the people. Many were children who were sent to work.  Also we got to see before and after models of where the bomb hit.  Then we walked outside to the Peace Memorial Park area and took photos and we saw this statue of a crane.  The Japanese culture highly treasure the crane as it symbolizes honor and loyalty.  One of the beliefs of the Japanese culture is that if a person folds 1,000 cranes he would be granted his/her greatest wish.

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~*~ Sumo~*~

On Saturday, my teacher, peers and I went to go see Sumo! At first, we waited outside to watch the sumo wrestlers as they walked into the entrance.  They had on their kimono robes with their hair in ponytails.  Many stood outside to cheer them on as we took pictures of them passing by!   This was my first sumo match and I did not know what to expect.  As we left to go inside the stadium, we found our seats way at the top. There were so many people who came out to watch the wrestlers.

Before entering the stadium, there were a few concession stands that sold food and souvenirs.  Half way through the match, a couple of my peers and I went to get ice cream ( a favorite in Japan), and to buy some sumo souvenirs as well. At this event, I noticed people were able to bring in their own food to enjoy. Many places in the US would not allow you to do as such. Also, we saw a form of advertising when after a match was completed, men would walk around the stage holding banners of companies. One I remember is McDonalds.  This experience was quite different but I enjoyed it at times especially when a match was intense.

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~*~ Our visit to Waseda University~*~

Waseda University, known as the Yale, and Princeton’s of the US, was a very nice campus as well.  There was more greenery than Keio University, and I noticed a baseball field along with a basket ball rim, but just one! We had to take 3 trains and a bus to get to the school totaling in over an hour to get there. When we arrived, I noticed that there were not many students walking to class, but that could be that many students were in class already. When we were able to come into the classroom and meet the students, they were very welcoming and eager to speak with us.   Many students were freshmen and were around the age of 19 years old.  One of the students that I talked with told me that her schedule for the day lasted until 6 that evening and she had  4 classes. We learned that a typical schedule for a Waseda student was 90 mins. of class and they only attend once a week.  Also, some students travel 3 hours max to get to school.  I did get a chance to talk with other students who said it took from an hour or 30 mins to get to school. Many of them lived with their families and said that they enjoyed school.  It was shocking to hear the professor mention that once they are accepted to the school, because it was very hard to get in, many do not show up. They feel obligated to graduate them!

Waseda University

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~*~Day of Arrival pt2~*~

After finding the Office to purchase my Narita Express ticket and activating my J Rail for the week of May 16, I then journeyed off to find my way to the train.  The lady at the office reserved my ticket for the 5:44pm train and on the ticket, was my reserved car and seat number.  I was placed in car 7 seat 10D.  When I found the car, I placed my big luggage in the front of the car and then found my seat. The train ride was about an hour, but since I did not know where I was going, I missed my stop at Tokyo station and I got off at the next stop. A lady on the train who spoke some English was trying to help me and told me that in Japan, people move fast, as well as the trains. That was the first lesson I learned dealing with the trains in Japan.

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~*~Day Of Departure~*~

On May 11, I woke up around 3:00 am East Lansing time to get ready to leave to Lansing Airport.  The cab arrived at 4:30 am and safely got me to the Lansing Airport terminal around 4:50 am.  I checked my bags and went through security.  The process of getting my carry on checked went smoothly and it was not hardly anyone at the terminal.  I waited at the gate anticipating my departure for this would be the first time I ever traveled and fly alone on an airplane.  I was very nervous and thought about the long journey ahead of me and what I was about to experience,but this mere thought would be surpassed by the many sites that we visit and culture that we learn about.  As I waited for the plane, i went to the coffee shop to watch some tv and then we boarded the plane at 7:10 am. The flight was running a little behind but soon I was off to Minneapolis, then to San Fransisco, then to Tokyo!

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There’s Hope!!!

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Hello world!

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