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~*~ Keio University Visit~*~

Keio University, Japan~”Encouragement of Learning”

May 14, Today we went to Keio University. We were scheduled to leave the hotel around 9:00 am,but we did not depart until 9:15-9:20 ish.  We had to run to the subway station and my feet were in dire pain.  I had developed two blisters on my right foot from the day before.  One on my big toe and one on my baby toe. This made traveling very hard for me, but I did it! When we arrived to the University, we took a group photo at the steps. The campus was located within the city.  It was a very nice, clean campus, and had little greenery. Once we entered the building and was assisted to the classroom, we met with some of Keio’s students who were already in the class.  Two students from the University were ready to present their presentations which was on “Twitter in Japan”. We found out that not many people were into twitter like the US but it was growing in numbers.  Some of the students that we met had twitter accounts but claimed they hardly used them.  Then we had two of our students present to the Japan students on “E publishing”.  Later, we had a chance to mingle with the students and learn about them!

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~*~ AR Solutions~*~

At the company DNP, they talked to us about AR Solutions. It allowed for images to appear 3D onto the magazine/booklet through the monitor as we watched pictures of different settings such as day/night, and even a little figure jump into the car. The style of the car was able to change and by rotating the booklet/magazine, you could view different angles of the car as well.  There were the features of zooming in and out available in the model.   Another AR Solutions demonstration that was done was when purchasing an item, such as a piece of furniture for your house. Using a photo of where you wanted to place your new furniture, you could simply place a small card in the position where the new item would go, take a picture, upload it and view it on your computer.  With the company DNP, they had a Visa type card that you could give that was wrapped in a nicely package box for whomever you wanted to give it to shop at a certain store.  Last but not lease, was a pen that recorded your answers in a survey. It had a camera on it so knows what you mark for your answers. I really enjoyed all the technology at this company!

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~*~ Company Visit~*~ DNP

May 13, we went to the company DNP!  DNP was established in 1876. The company wants to provide a new social communication platform  for the future society.  At this company, they demonstrated different types of electronics and one that was very interesting to me was the story tube.  It was basically a long tube that had a camera at the end of it.  It was placed inside a cylinder type object with a picture at the end. As the camera spin around and climbed closer to the image, it made it seem like it was approaching a castle.  The effect was very cool. Then after the power point and demonstration, we headed downstairs to the Louvre Museum portion.  We were not able to take pictures down there but we were able to see some very interesting exhibits.  One that I remember is the car, when you touched it, the car changed colors.  Also, there was the exhibit where you could redesign a statue by placing the type of stone for clothing, or style of hair that you want the statue to wear. Simply by placing a certain stone onto the platform told the computer what you chose for the statue. This was also very cool.

The Company DNP

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~*~Day of Arrival~*~

I arrived in Narita, Tokyo Wednesday May 12 around 5:00 pm. Since I was arriving a day later than majority of my peers, I had printed off all the instructions on how to arrive to the Hotel.  Before claiming my luggage and going to customs, I stopped to use the lavatory and when I walked into the stall, the toilets were something quite amazing! It had so many buttons on them for various cleansing and also had a sensor on the wall to activate flushing noises.  I must say, the Japanese women are very modest and I really liked the idea. Not only were there flushing noises available, there were music buttons on the toilet as well.  These toilets were designed almost like the American style toilets, but I was going to be in for a surprise later on throughout my study abroad.  After claiming my luggage through customs, I went to activate my J Rail pass just as my instructor had asked us to do! Trying to find the office for the J Rail and Narita Express was a little difficult as some people spoke little English.

The Japanese toilet

Japanese style toilet

The Westernized toilet!

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Day 2 of Blogging!!!

Today is the second day of blogging for my study abroad to Japan. I am excited about the end of the semester and have papers and projects that are due within the next couple of weeks. I think when I am all done, I will celebrate by going to Dave and Busters!!! Until then, I feel exhausted!!!

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