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~*~McDonalds in Japan~*~ I’m lovin it :)

While in Japan, I had the opportunity to try Mc. Donalds Japanese style! there were some foods on the menu that were the same here in the states, such as french fries, cheese burgers, apple pies, big macs and chicken nuggets.  One difference about Japans McDonalds is the portion size. A large drink was compared to a medium size here in the states. I’ve noticed that most of Japans portion sizes are a lot smaller than what I have seen at home. This could be a possible explanation why many Americans are so obese. Some other choices on the menus there were shrimp burgers (Ebi Fillet O), and Ebi-Chiki (shrimp nuggets).Also, while dinning in at the McDonalds in Osaka, there was a section for smoking. Usually, there are no smoking in restaurants like that in the US.  There was also wifi available in the McDonalds.  Every morning while staying in Osaka, I would stop at the McDonalds in the subway station for breakfast.  I would order a egg sausage Mc Muffin, hash brown and orange juice. With the McDonalds being in the subway station, you were able to use your pasmo/suica cards to pay for your meal.

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~*~Types of foods in Japan~*~

While staying at the Asian Center of Japan Hotel, we were given tickets for complementary breakfast from 7 am to 10am. On the menu were breads, croissants which were very tasty, cereal, salad, fruit cocktail, bacon, sausages, eggs, boiled eggs, grill fish, misu soup, and rice.  Every morning in Akasaka, I would have the scrabbled runny eggs, croissants, sausages, orange juice and water for breakfast! Sometimes I would have a salad, and once I tried the Co Co Rice Crispies cereal! Some days, the eggs and sausages were cooked better than other days.

My Breakfast

For Lunch, we would usually be out to meet our companies and would stop at restaurants to grab a quick bite. One meal I had was chicken, rice, a salad and a diet coke. It was pretty good! At this restaurant, we had to take off our shoes and climb into little rooms to eat. This was definitely a different experience for me!

Japanese Menu

My Meal

While staying in Tyoko, there was this restaurant where you order from a vending machine.  Once you chose whether you were dinning in or taking out, you received a little ticket and you gave it to the waitress. This restaurant only had water or beer, so we were able to bring in our own beverages to drink.  I ordered some curry with rice and pork! It was very Delicious.

Pork and rice Curry

Another night, we had a group dinner at this restaurant where we had to grill our own meat. we did not have to take off our shoes here but we all had a great time and enjoyed the food! It was after our company visit with Lucent pictures and they all met us at the restaurant as well.

Korean BBQ

A couple of nights while staying in Osaka, I had chicken on some sticks and rice. It was so delicious.

Dinner in Osaka

One night, I was craving pizza, so me and a classmate stayed in our hotel and ordered Dominoes! We had a hard time trying to order over the phone because we had to ask for someone who spoke English, but we finally got through. I was so excited, but it cost 2500 yen!! We ordered the American Special, which consist of pepperoni and onions, and it tasted great!!

For our last group dinner before we departed back to the US, we went to a restaurant called Shabu Shabu. We had to boil the meat for about 5 seconds and then take it out of the boiling water with vegetables. It was all you can eat and many students enjoyed the meal!

Shabu Shabu

I tried a Japanese Pancake as well! It had a thin layer of pancake, cabbage egg, and bacon.

Japanese Pancakes

There were lots of vending machines of ice cream on the streets. I got the strawberry ice cream and it was actually pretty good! There was a lot of places that served soft served ice cream as well. The way that the ice cream was served was quite different, they would grab a cup and put it in a machine and out would come the ice cream. It would cost from 200 to 300 yen depending on the place!

Seventeen Ice

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