~*~More company visits ~*~Q Entertainment

June 6, 2010 shastokes


A company visit Q Entertainment!

Another company visit was to Q Entertainment.  When we entered the building, we had to travel up at least 4 flights of  narrow  stairs. Then, we entered into a small room.  It seemed as if we were rushing to get to the company on time, and I was very tired. On another note, they gave us bottled water for our libation.  It was very warm in the little room at first, but then the AC started to kick in and I was ready for the presentation.  Then we got to hear about the games and games for mobile phones. We could not take photos during this presentation because of the many drawings and designs posted on the walls for new ideas.  I must say, some of the pictures were very good.

One of the mobile games that was brought up in the presentation was about horse racing.  The guy admitted that he was sort of a horse racing fan.  It was mentioned that this game was very popular amongst the mobile games in Japan and to me, it honestly looked very simple.  The goal was to make your horse run faster.

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  • 1. kiyabarden&hellip  | 

    I honestly had no clue on how a successful business could be ran in such a small room. I though Q Entertainment was a very nice company visit. There hospitality was appreciated and I also loved their work. Their images, mobile gaming and also technology was awesome and it seems like they’ll be doing really well within the next couple years. I look forward to hearing about them. There technology is awesome.

  • 2. mavichakp1&hellip  | 

    I like the friendly atmosphere there, and how everyone we met their able to communicate in English. They even talk casually to us at the end too.
    About the horse racing game, personally I find it interesting to raise your own animals and compete them with others. They could probably expand the ideas further than what they have shown us, similarly to the game like Monster Rancher.

  • 3. carlyinjapan&hellip  | 

    The atmosphere at Q Entertainment was way different than any other company visit, because of how small the company was. At the same time I enjoyed this, because it gave me a more down-to-earth, personal feel. I really enjoyed learning all the CEO went through before he co-founded Q Entertainment. He really is a very accomplished man!

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